@beazkneaz_net This little process should help you getting it to work:

Power on the board Make sure your phone application is not connected (press 'disconnect' in the settings section of the ow-app) If it was connected, please power-cycle your board again. Open the OneWheelWear app Go to settings and search for your board by selecting it in the 'OneWheel' preference. When you cannot find it there, close the settings dialog and repeat this step. In case your watch is running Android 8 (or higher), you need to enter your address manually using the second preference (Manual address entry) Once your board is selected, leave the preferences and restart the app (swipe it out to the right) Again, power cycle your board and start the app on the watch Now, the watch should connect to the board and give you a short vibration signal From this time on, the watch should connect easily

The location permission (which is requested when the app is started) is required for the app to use the Bluetooth interface and for the app to work. No worries: There is no location tracking implemented.

Please send some feedback, if and how you got it working!