The OW(l) has landed in Norway

  • Last night, the OW I bought from a guy here on the forum, arrived.
    Can´t wait to go for a spin, but right now the weather is beyond horrible, so I will cool my boots....and go and get me some XLR dust cover plugs instead :)




  • Awesome Man, Go Ride !!! its a blast, don't give up it is so much fun once you get the hang of it.

  • From my first ride today, in blistering wind and a mix of rain & snow, on my way to one of my surfspots. Have only ridden it in Classic mode so far, I expect and hope more liveliness in Extreme mode. Please tell me that this is true....

    Also...ran out of juice a lot sooner than expected...might be a combo of temperature and a brand new battery...had the same experience with one of my other electric skateboards.

    Look forward to test and learn more!



  • @oledokka I've heard extreme cold temps can affect battery life (I'm in SoCal so it only gets so cold here) but I know I was having battery life issues early on as well, and those went away after I balanced the cells by letting it charge overnight. Haven't had any problems since, and it's been about a month and a half.

  • @thegreck thanks, will do the same tonight. New stormy and wet day to be explored tomorrow 🚀

  • Here is another pic from the virgin journey, my surfspot in the background 🏄



  • Do yourself a favor and get into extreme mode. If you can ride classic while holding a gopro, you can ride in extreme mode without a problem.

  • @oledokka Du bør faktisk prøve å kjøre i Extreme mode, det er mye morsommere og når du først får taket på det så vil du aldri gå tilbake til Classic mode :+1:

  • Absolutely beautiful country/seaside there. I would love to visit Norway and other countries in the area. Great job, man!

  • @forzabucks Thanks, yes - that was the plan. But humble as I am, I would like to feel the board first ;) Next ride will be in Extreme mode for sure. Will I also feel that I can carve more easy & deep in that mode? Or is that something that Onewheel is not too good at?


  • @hekkubus Thanks, man! It is very nice here, to my american friends I say: this is like North Cali, just a tad colder 😬. I live close to three surf beaches and countless spots within 30 min drive. And almost no people in the water...this is where the cold water really is on our side :)


  • @oledokka, keep it up! Carving might be a little easier in Extreme because you ride with the nose slightly farther down. However, you should be able to carve pretty easy in Classic with more practice.

  • @Franky yes, so far I have only logged like 30 min on the thing. Hope for opportunities tomorrow! I am looking forward to some beach and single track the road! Will be awesome...I also ordered the fender...should be standard imo.


  • @oledokka No way! Then the board would've cost $80 more, and I would've had to remove it to attach the sick magnetic carbon-fiber fender I bought from @njcustom !

  • @thegreck yes, that fender looks awesome. Might regret buying the original one...

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