A owner of a onewheel please come here

  • If you own a onewheel can you tell me the honest ride time. I am thinking about buying one.

  • @choppybore236 don't even worry about it.. It's worth every penny!

  • @choppybore236 Time is kind of irrelevant because it depends on a lot of factors, like how many hills you're traversing or how fast you're going or how cold the weather is (cold temperatures have a negative impact on how long a battery can hold a charge).

    But you can go between 6 to 8 miles under normal riding conditions.

  • @choppybore236 And @njcustom is right... it's worth every penny. I've only had it a month and I feel like I've gotten $3,000 worth of enjoyment out of it at least.

  • If you gotta question ride time before you have even bought one go buy something else.

  • @choppybore236 i have to agree with @thegreck. it's kinda irrelevant. i typically get around 20 minutes ride time (below zero degrees centigrade, mostly around 11 to 13 mph and on very steep hills). i imagine that the milage increases as soon as temperature rise..

  • @choppybore236 Just as with any vehicle, ride "time" is hard to determine.
    It all depends on how fast you are driving, and the condition of the road, weather, wheel and driver.
    Even range is hard to determine, as the external condition still play a big role.

    Range is at least one variable less, and it's typical to get a max range of about 7 miles.
    This can translate into a ride time as short as 20-30 minutes at top speed in mixed terrain, or an hour of riding indoors with a lower speed. So it's very hard to say what time you'd get.

    @atl1wheelin It's a valid question, no need for hostility.

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