Share your best pics from all around the world

  • woups.jpg

    Show us your best pics and tell us where you shoot it.sometimes for me,a beautiful pics talk more than a video(sorry for my english)

    I start with a difficult landing:metal: :metal: :metal: ...Gruissan beach France:sunglasses:

  • And most seriously from Porté Puymorens,Pyrénées France :heart_eyes:


  • Battleship Wisconsin, Norfolk Virgina


  • These are from months ago. I promise I'll have more in February once my Lilly drone arrives B-)

    A hyperlapse (2x) video I did before the app was released (so I was stuck in Classic Shaping 1.0):

    Ponte Vedra Beach:


  • 2015-07-07 19.24.16.jpg Grand Canyon, Arizona
    2015-07-19 20.17.09.png Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
    2015-07-19 20.17.51.png Alcatraz backdrop San Francisco :)
    2015-07-19 20.24.10.png Ocean Beach, San Francisco

  • image.jpg vernal, utah

  • @Carlo you've already ride awesome spot dude!!!!

  • @fabuz Super amazing picture!

  • Sunset downhill riding is definitly my prefer way to ride!!!!!
    What's your???
    @J-Glide go pro screen capture with VLC is just perfect :thumbsup:

    Sunset riding.jpg

  • @Carlo DUDE, you're Grand Canyon pic seriously gives me the willies just looking at it!! I'm sitting there trying to figure it out did you carry it out and then stand on it or actually ride it out to the edge?

    @fabuz great pics and great idea for a post.

  • My girl taking her first ride in Sobe (in golf cleats, no less):


  • I think we have a winner! ;)

  • @veryous yeah man it was sketch, my legs were shaking the whole time. I rode out to that tip and had to control my speed for those two cracks. Going slow over rough terrain is cake but I had to pick up speed for the crack transitions then slow down so I didn't fall into the canyon. A lot of the people watching were scared for me. LOL

  • @carlo if you ever come to AZ again, don't tell me, I don't want to die yet. :relaxed: Seriously dude, again, f doing that, I'm way too scared! haha :cold_sweat:

  • 2015-07-22 18.34.35.jpg Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

  • cid:5:privileges:read

    This is awesome...

  • cid:5:privileges:read

    @Carlo you crazy mother f$%&#@...

  • LOL Jack!
    I couldn't edit my other post's the uncropped version of the Grand Canyon
    2015-07-23 00.36.22.jpg
    2015-07-23 00.42.47.jpg
    Random hot chick that wanted to try

  • OW1.jpg Back in March, I was riding down at South Lido Beach Florida! Epic Place for the Onewheel!

  • @Carlos what the... Speechless! While I don't recommend it, damn that is the ish!@!

  • Up :)

    Look my toe with gopro superview :)

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