Chinese Spam Attack...

  • I think that they did not appreciate the CES ban :smile: :fu::fu::fu:chinesespam:fu::fu::fu:

  • Lol I was thinking the same thing seeing all the spam on the forums lately.

  • It's Korean...

  • @No said:

    It's Korean...

    Amen! Therefore you can blame North Korea...

  • @No I was gonna say. Those characters looked very Korean. I can't read any of those, but korean have very round symbols.

    안녕하세요, 한 바퀴를 사랑 해요 <- Korean (lots of circles, if you see a circle, it's most likely korean)
    こんにちは、私は1つの車輪が大好きです。<- Japanese
    你好,我爱一个轮子。<- Chinese
    (these are google translate examples, I know nothing)

    Still... they are very annoying as I basically only use the "unread" function to browse the forums, so all of these show up naturally.

  • @germx In case you didn't know this trick, you can click the avatar icon beside all of them and click the "Mark Selected as Read" and they'll all disappear.

  • @thegreck Good idea. I usually just open them, flag for spam, and then close again :P
    But your idea is faster.

  • @germx I used to do that, until they started spamming like 15 posts at a time. Was taking too long.

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