Cleaning onewheel

  • I just got my Onewheel on Saturday and love it! But what do you guys think the best way to clean it is?

  • Some people say that you can spray it with water, but I haven't tried that yet. The only thing I have done is to wash it with some water on a cloth

  • @simenlier I spray mine with a hose after each run. No issues at all so far.

  • I also hose my board. Especially with the weather as it has been with lots of salt and slush and generally just bad.
    It's quite safe to pretty much soak the board. You could plug the charging port, and I wouldn't recommend power washing it, but otherwise it should be fine.

  • Ok thanks everyone!

  • Definitely get a plug, and make sure that you let the charge port dry off/out before you try to charge it. Mine shorted out after I sprayed it down at the beach.

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