Loving my onewheel, dismount technique tips?

  • Hello,

    So I find that I can take my foot off the sensor in a control environment, but in the real world (loop downtown Chicago/ Rush hour) I find myself jumping off rather than dismounting smoothly any tips or is just practice? I find that I can maneuver the board almost instinctively and seems to come very natural to me so far.

  • @tony420121 For me, the best technique is to learn to come to a complete stop before dismounting. This means getting to a full neutral, balanced position where the board is balanced but no longer moving, and then lift or rotate your front foot until the board drops to one side.

    So the key is to be able to balance @ neutral. As I posted in another thread before, when you mount, you should be able to stand @ neutral without being wobbly. You won't be able to stop and stay balanced if you weren't fully balanced to start with. So I'd practice mounting and being balanced at a stand still, then learn to slow and end at a stop, then dismounting once you already are at a stop. I can typically stay about 1-2 minutes just neutral balanced and often it's enough to last a red light and go again.

    This is the safest way IMO... especially if you're riding around in rush hour and on the streets, I can't imagine jumping off being a very safe way to dismount.

  • @tony420121 Hey, I can totally relate. What I found that works best for me is to come to a halt on the OneWheel and shimmy my front foot forward until it's off the sensor, thus stopping the motor and allowing the board to fall forward towards my front foot instead of my back. I then just step forward off the board. It's really natural. Hope this tip helps. I could maybe post a video later if I didn't describe it well.

  • @rainynite I can balance quite well I rode in downtown Chicago between peds. waited at stop lights, ect (I use to ride bmx and I am excellent at track stands ;-) )

  • @OnewheelFlorida Ok, I would like to see it seems that the traction on the grip tape make it very difficult to "slide foot"

  • No need to try to slide your foot. Just try pivoting onto you toes and lifting your heel (only on sensor foot, while at a standstill).

  • @tony420121 Agree with complete stop. My ankle won't rotate so that I can't roll my foot off from the side, so I started lifting up on my toes to cut the sensor.

  • Like people said, lifting the foot to the side or to the front is the best way. Practice over and over again on grass until it feels good.

  • Don't slide your foot off, just lift your heal off the pad(ie stand on your toes)... :) Much easier...

  • Where are you in Chicago? I haven't seen anyone else riding downtown?

    I haven't been ridding lately, too cold for me.. :) I live in Logan Square and work a few block south of downtown..

  • Slide the toes of your left foot (sensor foot if you ride regular) off the sensor slightly, then lift your heel off the board. Works perfect every time. Make sure the board is fully stopped. This is by far the best way in my opinion. The slight toe move before heel is key.

  • @tony420121 You should also check out this thread... it talks a lot about dismounting: http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/998/anyone-got-any-riding-tips-for-a-newbie

  • @parrothd @tony420121 I'm out in the suburbs but work/ride in the loop. We should do a Chicago group ride. Ive been trying to find others in the area that have OneWheels!

  • @KeithVlk Hey whats up yes I would be interested in that let me know once it warms up a tad, lol

  • Thanks for all of the advice everyone regarding dismounting, I am going to work on the techniques mentioned on this thread and keep you update (the heel lift seems the most promising.)

  • Thanks for all of the advice everyone regarding dismounting, I am going to work on the techniques mentioned on this thread and keep you update (the heel lift seems the most promising.)

  • Love this place, bike pump track, great when there's no bikers around.. :)


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