Current lead time?

  • Can anyone give me an idea of the current (mid-Feb2016) lead time for new orders? I emailed customer service a couple days ago with a few questions and they haven't replied.

  • I Ordered 02/06/2016; Shipping 02/15/2016; Arrive: 02/18/2016

    not too bad I would say! :)

  • @bmtka It's hard to figure right now. I think what they're still doing is building a certain number of boards (probably several hundred), and once that batch is ready to go, they send them out all at once to the next people who are up.

    So if you get lucky and order at the tail-end of a batch, it can be as little as a week. But if you miss that batch, you'll have to wait until the next batch, which could take over a month.

  • @thegreck @flogalen

    Thanks for the info. I'm guessing if they just shipped a batch two days ago I might be waiting a while, then. Hmmmmmm. I suppose that gives me a little time to think about it.

  • @Polle Well, snap... Free shipping for 24 hours, eh? Guess that seals it. Just ordered. So excite!

  • I can have you one next day.

    I'm with Texas Onewheel, I do tours all over Texas for people to try the board out. Follow my IG, Twitter, & Facebook to know where I am! @texasonewheel Also, we are an authorized dealer for Onewheel.

  • Anyone knows the current lead time? I'm planning visiting LA the next month and thinking about buying OW.. If I buy it online now will it be available in June 11?

  • @marcelo I think right now it's about 5 days for California residents from the time the order is placed.

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    @marcelo It ships within 24hrs now a days. Same day if you order before 11am. Shouldn't have any problems getting it mid Jun

  • Just wondering, is there any physical shop in LA area where I can buy it, or just online?

  • @marcelo said in Current lead time?:

    Just wondering, is there any physical shop in LA area where I can buy it, or just online?

    Judging by the map, it looks like Quick Blade in Costa Mesa or EMY Sporting Gear in Montclair are the closest dealers to LA you've got to choose from at the moment.

  • What's the latest lead time (late June)?

  • @tobor24
    It seems FM ships more or less directly now

  • Does FM still email tracking info updates when they ship? I ordered mine about a week ago and haven't heard anything yet. I was hoping to hear something a day or two after my order.

  • @tobor24 I think so. You should email support directly to be sure nothing got mixed up. If it did, the sooner they know, the sooner they can clear it up and the sooner you'll be riding.

  • @tobor24 Yes they do. I am still awaiting the arrival of my OW fender after getting the shipping notice.

  • @tobor24 The fenders have been on back order recently.

  • you know whos not on back order when it comes to fenders... @njcustom shameless plug season

  • @Dark_Knight I knew that comment would show up.... LOL

  • A friend ordered his on June 24th and has not received tracking info as of the 30th of June.
    We are in the Bay Area.


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