Current lead time?

  • FYI, I emailed support for an update and received the following reply. I placed my order on 6/24.

    "Thank you for reaching out and congratulations on your order! We recently had a spike in demand due to the approaching long weekend and holiday. This created a short backorder but your board is due to ship next week! As soon as it ships you'll receive a confirmation email containing your tracking information."

  • @tobor24 Oh wow... they've been shipping from reserves for the past 5 months! They must've had a pretty big spike to fall behind again.

  • A friend ordered his on June 24th and has not received tracking info as of the 30th of June.
    We are in the Bay Area.:

    Just heard from support also and they say it should ship 7/5.

    Support response:
    "Thanks for checking in and congratulations on your board! Your board will be shipping out next Tuesday and you can expect a confirmation email with your tracking information. Please let me know if you have any other questions. "

    So just under 2 week lead time currently.


  • I just ordered one this past Sunday (07/10/16). I had not received any shipping info so I followed up with Support and received the below response this morning.

    "Thank you so much for reaching out and congratulations on your board! You can expect your board to ship out by early next week. Once your board is released from our factory, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number so you can watch your board's progress as it arrives. Please let me know if you have any other questions! "

  • @joelth I ordered mine on 7/11 and haven't received a response yet on shipping. Thanks for the update. Hopefully they come this week!

  • I highly suggest finding a distributer. Buy from an actual store and you have it the very same day! Got the fender too! That's what I did and really loving it. Got mine 2 days ago now.

    Otherwise I suggest Amazon they also sell them, better shipping costs too.

  • Ordered: Saturday - 7/16/2016
    Shipped: Thursday - 7/21/2016

    Shipped essentially the same week. In less than 4 business days it was on its way. :D

  • Thanks for the info. I'm guessing if they just shipped a batch two days ago I might be waiting a while, then. Hmmmmmm. I suppose that gives me a little time to think about it.

  • @cherry Or it could mean that they're getting caught up again. They had lead time down to 24 hours after each order for several months, up until recently.

  • I just had mine in for repairs and got it back yesterday.
    I shipped it on the July 11th an they received it on the 13th.
    I got it back on the 22nd.
    Happy to be riding again.

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