Buy/Sell/Trade subforum?

  • With so many people buying/selling boards/bags/fenders/boxes/accessories I feel like we might need a separate marketplace subforum here for these discussions. It could give people a more organized place to see used boards available for sale, and a place to discuss and negotiate accessories without casual users/new users of the forum needing to search and bump every sell thread for the last 3 months with "still available?" requests.

    Just a thought. I like the general discussion forum but feel like 1/3rd of the threads bumped every day are buy/sell/trade inquiries and it's far from optimized?

    Any feedback on this from other users?

  • @utsu Great idea you get my support

  • @Jimmers75 said:

    @utsu Great idea you get my support

    mine as well

  • @utsu Sounds good to me too.

  • I could understand if FutureMotion doesn't want to encourage a reseller's market. If this is the case, it would be a shame to leave the general discussion forum (where 90% of the forum traffic happens anyway) all clogged up with ebay style attention-grabbing seller headlines.

  • I have a OW fender for sale $83 and what ever type of delivery you want you pay for should be arriving soon also cash pick
    Up central jersey

  • I'm selling my OW brand new for $1500 cash! I live in Ontario, California. If you are out of state, I can ship it out to you! Let me know. :)

  • @utsu Funny how people are posting about having a board for sale under your post that there should be a separate place on the site for people to sell their boards!

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