The wait is over

  • Since Future Motion’s inception, we’ve poured our time and energy into making products of uncompromising awesomeness. It’s not the quickest nor easiest path to take, but it’s the only way we know how to do it and it’s been incredibly rewarding.

    Unfortunately at times it's meant that our small operation has not been able to pace with demand and we’ve asked many of you to wait very patiently for your boards. Again, we’d like to thank you for hanging with us and hope that your Onewheel adventures have proven to be worth the wait.

    We are thrilled to announce that the days of lead times are over - we are now shipping from stock! We stepped our game up and expanded manufacturing operations. We are now making more boards than ever and are able to scale with growing demand. Because when the world wants more awesome, you better be ready to answer the call!

    We are in a mood to celebrate, free shipping for all US orders for 24hrs. COUPON: "nowait"

    Onewheel Crew

  • Keep up the great work FM! Thanks for providing us all with such awesome experiences!

  • Congratulations a massive milestone. I look forward to hearing what new innovations FM has to come

  • @Future-Motion can't wait to see you in Europe!!!!!!!

  • @Future-Motion Congratulations, we already can see the speedup for the delivery. I've waited only three weeks on my board. I orderd from Luxembourg Europe on the 29Jan and I should get it today. You know your stuff. Onelove!

  • Good to know.. Something special for OS orders would be nice.. Overseas shipping cost is huge.. please

  • Hey @DavidJohn, we love our riders all over the world. Here is a $50 coupon nowait_abroad. Enjoy :)

  • Congrats @future-motion....can't wait to see more OW's all over the map!

  • This is great news! Keep growing and keep being awesome you guys!!

  • @Future-Motion This is awesome !!! keep up the great work :smile: I might just have to pick up a 2nd board in the coming months.

  • @Future-Motion Congrats on adapting and overcoming and on your continued success! You brought us more than just a Onewheel. With it you delivered a feeling that many of us haven't been acquainted with since our childhood. One of genuine excitement and wonder and awe. Of watching the impossible become possible before our very eyes and, better yet, at our very whim. To me that feeling is priceless. And it's evident that it transcends borders and oceans and languages. Just look at the creativity in videos, accessories, and ideas right here by people who want to share just a small piece of that feeling the Onewheel gives them with others.

    Cheers to Future Motion!

  • @Future-Motion said:


    For all of us loyal riders does the discount apply to accessories as well? A good time to stock up on some footpads?

  • Great news. Congrats!

  • @rainynite Hey, great point!! @Future-Motion is this discount only for boards, or for any order?

  • @Future-Motion Thanks.. :smiley:

  • So glad I checked the thread I started yesterday asking about lead-times. I just ordered. So excited!!!!

  • @rainynite @thegreck The US coupon works for accessories

  • Too bad US only (Canada <> the US). @thegreck time to stock up bro!

  • I missed putting in the code, is there any way to get a credit on my order?

  • This post is deleted!

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