Any other UK riders? Ever had any problems with the police?

  • I'm based in York, just wondering how many others there are in the UK and where. I've never seen anyone else on a OW although I've spotted someone here on one of those unicycle-style wheels, flying round the ring road in the middle of the night!

    Anyone ever been stopped by the police? I was practicing on a cycle path/track that runs round the outside of the city and a officer on a bike stopped to chat and told me it would be breaking the law to ride them on public footpaths or roads. He said he personally thought it was a pathetic law but didn't want me to get caught out. Bit of a downer though, if that's something to worry about. No idea what sort of fines there would be involved with that...?

  • @AdamDoubleG Hey Adam I'm based down near Portsmouth. I've had a few run ins with the local bobbies down here and they've been good as gold.

    They were more interested in the board than anything else and mentioned the law but said as long as I don't run into anyone, cause an accident to others or their property it's a common sense kind of law.

  • @AdamDoubleG same here - seen police in Swansea and they just looked like wtf - in Tenby I let a police offer have a go and they essentially said just use it where you would use a bike and use your brain

  • Anyone else in the UK? Wondering if there's anyone else nearby, or if anyone would want to meet up.

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