For Sale: OneWheel, used but in great condition

  • I ordered my OneWheel for the last leg of my work commute but before it arrived I switched jobs, have a different commute, and no time for recreational riding :(

    So... I have a OneWheel that's only been ridden a few times - just to get the hang of it - in need of a better home.

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but in case it is, let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested. Includes Ultra Charger. I'd rather avoid the stress of international shipping so this is US-only.

    File Jul 12, 10 17 00 AM.jpg
    File Jul 12, 10 17 23 AM.jpg
    File Jul 12, 10 17 40 AM.jpg

  • Posting a few pics will undoubtedly get it sold for you. Many people realized after receiving theirs, that they wished they had two.........I knew in advance I would feel that way and planned accordingly 😊image.jpg

  • Good suggestion, thanks :) I just edited the original post to include photos.

  • How much are you asking?

  • Good question. I was hoping to gauge interest and take offers, if any.

  • You should put it on eBay and then post a link. Put a buy it now for full sale price otherwise highest bidder takes it.

  • well, he will have to pay the eBay fee if he puts it on there. How much is that? 10%?

  • Thanks for the suggestion Franky. I would normally list it on eBay but I was hoping to avoid it for this because 1) as OneDream said, eBay takes 10% and 2) I figured this is where all the OneWheel fans are. That said, if I can't find a buyer it'll end up on eBay.

  • I'm interested. Where are you located?

  • Interested as well, what are you hoping to get for it?

  • I just sent you a private message with my number. Interested as well.

    I have one on order, but why wait LOL?

  • Thanks all, I found a buyer here. Happy riding!

  • Awesome, I knew that wouldn't last long and I know you just made someone's day.

  • I am interested in buying one. If anyone has one for sale please contact me.

  • lol a new onewheel without the 10 week waiting period?! hope you got over retail cause frankly without the wait that's what it's worth.
    btw grats on what must be the world's first secondary market sale of a onewheel

  • @dicorci there have been several on eBay even new in box. All have gone for around but under retail. I bid on one in the middle of my wait but was outbid in the last second. Now I'm glad I got mine factory direct.

  • I check ebay randomly now... can't stand the wait LOL

  • @hdiesel I will be bidding against you if one comes up. haha..... sorry

  • Is your onewheel still forsale? If so I am interested. How much?


  • Its sold about 3 month ago according to comments

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