Best Riding Mode for Off-Road

  • Greetings from New Orleans, LA! I live close to a park that has several dirt trails, and have had tons of fun exploring those over the past few weekends. I have done all my riding in Classic Mode.

    For those of you who ride off-road regularly, I would like to know your thoughts on how Classic mode compares to Extreme mode with regard to off-road use.

    Thanks so much.

  • If I were you, I would definetely try the same trails in extreme mode, you will see you'll never switch back to classic shaping!

    Not only the pushback is less awkward, also your maneuverability will increase a lot, what is necessary to avoid obstacles on your path...

  • Yes, I agree with Polle. Extreme mode will give you more power to get through the dirt and gravel. Initially, I thought extreme mode meant that it would take off from under me more quickly, but I haven't found that to be true at all. It just gives you a little more thrust and top end. You can still control you speed just as easily, but you don't have to worry about the wobble like you do with classic mode when the wobble kicks in.

  • I agree with @hekkubus and @Polle Go Extreme and never go back. :smile:

  • Also think that elevated mode is safer for speed off road ride ...but I'm 100%extreme mode(asphalt rider)

  • @SpoonyG I assume you are referring to Audubon Park. I use Extreme mode when I'm on those trails. Maybe I'll see you on there at some point.

  • Thanks all--Extreme Mode it is!!!

    Yes atrain -- I was at Audubon Park and had a blast there last weekend.

    Any other NOLA trails you have explored in the area?

  • @SpoonyG At City Park there is a one mile paved loop and the Couturie Forest Trail.

  • how do you switch to extreme mode or different modes?

  • @roachman With the iPhone app. That's also how you check your battery and turn the lights on or off. (Coming to Android in 2025)

  • I use elevated for off-road, helps with any hills. Give it a try, you can switch back if needed, but you won'

  • @roachman said:

    how do you switch to extreme mode or different modes?

    With the board off, put it on its side with power button up. Turn on, 2 blinks classic, 3 extreme, 4 elevated. Put your hand on the foot the sensor to change it...

  • @parrothd thanks! I might have been in elevated because my nose like to stay up when I was trying to go faster.

  • @roachman No, what you feel there is pushback in classic mode. This is a preventive thing to let unexperienced riders only go slow

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