Turning onto a Shallow Downhill = Total Shutdown

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  • sounds like a technical issue to me. you should contact the customer support.

  • @BallewBoard Yeah that definitely should not happen.

  • Also check your foot position to make sure you're on the sensors correctly. My first spill was due to me not covering the pressure pads with my foot properly. I used to ride with my foot half way off one to make dismounting easier.

  • @w1ngy I started thinking the same thing after my last response. Sometimes when I turn backside, I'll accidentally lift my toe off the sensor and if I'm going slow enough, the motor will cut out and I'll have to bail. That's more likely the issue here, since you said you were turning onto the hill.

  • I had the same issue but since I ride with a duckstance position like on a snowboard, I keep my foot better on the sensor and the OW doesn't shut down.
    I had already two flights on the ground beacause my foot left the sensor. Try duckstance if you're confortable with it, it makes riding backwards much easyer I have a better controll over my board.

  • You only need one sensor covered when moving..Send it back in for repairs..

  • @parrothd said:

    You only need one sensor covered when moving..Send it back in for repairs..

    When moving at slower speeds you need to cover both sensors

  • @parrothd Exactly what @w1ngy said. We have no idea how slow he was moving when this happened. He's only had the board for 2 weeks, so I imagine when he's turning into a downhill slope, he could have very easily slowed down enough that if his foot isn't on both sensors, the board would go into dismount mode. You don't have to be stopped for that, just moving slowly. It's happened to me before several times when I'm not careful about my footing.

  • I'm going to bet he was going faster the .5 mhps...lol

  • I turn down a really steap hill every day about 30%. Has never shut off on me. I agree with everyone here. Sounds like a sensor issue. For reference 0_1456636110501_image.jpeg

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