Houston, TX Riders Meet up.

  • Looking to Ride with some Local Onewheel people. Im on the North West side of Houston and just found a great place with Miles of trails to ride in the Cypress area. Let me know Who is up for it? I,m planning the first ride on Sunday (Feb-6-2016) in the morning when its a small amount cooler.

    @joshuadmay @BSiyHTX @nate @butters @BWatkins .....anyone else around the Houston Area is Invited.

    I will be recording footage for a Video.

  • I am in the woodlands. I just had to send mine back because it was not powering off so they are sending me a new one next week. but maybe we can ride sometime.

  • Ok cool we will. Let me know when you get your Board.

  • We Had had a great time out there today...... Ok Who am I kidding it was just me, but I had a Awesome Time and got some good Footage. Videos coming out soon.

  • Alright guys time to start this one back up. Let me know who is in?

    Event Link Here

    @roachman @bwatkins @joshuadmay @BSiyHTX @nate @butters @BWatkins .....anyone else in the Area is welcome The time frame can change if people need it to.

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