Miami Riders Meet Up

  • As we are seeing it in other cities, curious to know if any Miami-based riders want to get together for a meet-up and ride around Miami Beach. There's an amazing boardwalk that runs down South Beach and is a great place to ride.

    Reply here if some dates/times work best for you. I've seen a lot of OW's popping up around here, and would be great to get together.

  • I'm in. Weekends are best.

  • Maybe a ride this Saturday if the rain holds off...

  • Hey guys, I don't own a OW yet, but am looking for someone who will let me test ride one. I live in Boca Raton so Im fairly close to Miami. Ive been eyeing the OW ever since I saw a guest riding it at the hotel I work at 1 year ago!

  • cibi89, dude, I wish you would have posted this earlier! I literally just left boca (I'm on jet blue's fly-fi as I type this). I had my onewheel down there for the winter, but it's getting shipped up to DC for the summer. (I split time between the two). Bummed you missed out... I would have let you try it... A lot of great places to ride down there... ive dubbed the overflow parking lot for red reef park and fishing area off the intracoastal a "onewheel park."

  • @cibi89 Not around much in the coming weeks, so if you don't want to wait, these folks have OW Just reach out to confirm they have stock. A months ago I was able to ride around inside the store. Maybe even more options here -

  • There are a few retailers in the area that have them. I bought mine today at RON Jon surf shop at sawgrass, they have a demo you can ride in store, and they honor a 10% coupon you can print online!

  • also, yes, I'm up for ride/ meet up. i was going to organize a S FL Riders club on I'm in coconut creek, also, so when you get yours, close to Boca for riding!

  • Miami One Wheels Unite!
    South Point Park is a great place for a Meet Up.

  • Email me to link up

    I ride all around wynwood / downtown and looking to link up around the beach.

  • Naw... but, it has been warmer... and I have noticed my food glowing a bit green....

  • but anyway strange... hope the article is not correct!

  • Since you guys are talking about riding One Wheels in Miami, do you guys ride in the rain? Is it waterproof? I would love one to commute to and from work (2 miles) but with all the rain we get here I'm afraid I'll only use it a few times a year...

  • im just getting into the ow. I live in kendall, but am down for a meetup, let me know if there is still interest. I was also thinking critical mass may be a good ow ride.

  • Striking this up again. Any MIAMIA RIDERS around ?

  • @braswell I'm down. I have a pair of ow now, so we're up to three people.

    Anyone else?

  • @sideone I've finally convinced my buddy to buy one so two on my side. Plus a buddy in town this week that knows how to ride but doesn't have a board here.

    Where are you located?

  • @braswell nice.. its not hard to convince your friends.. until you tell them the pricetag! Im in Kendall, you?

  • @braswell Finally got my board!! Im always around wynwood/downtown.. Still working on my skills tho. lol

  • @gio.lyfe sweet I was wondering about you! Haha


    Both of you message me on Facebook let's try to ride this weekend, there's this other fella in town this weekend who wanted to meet up. We could have a nice size group to ride with.

    Hopefully no epic crashes like the LA one haha

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