Miami Riders Meet Up

  • As we are seeing it in other cities, curious to know if any Miami-based riders want to get together for a meet-up and ride around Miami Beach. There's an amazing boardwalk that runs down South Beach and is a great place to ride.

    Reply here if some dates/times work best for you. I've seen a lot of OW's popping up around here, and would be great to get together.

  • I'm in. Weekends are best.

  • Maybe a ride this Saturday if the rain holds off...

  • Hey guys, I don't own a OW yet, but am looking for someone who will let me test ride one. I live in Boca Raton so Im fairly close to Miami. Ive been eyeing the OW ever since I saw a guest riding it at the hotel I work at 1 year ago!

  • cibi89, dude, I wish you would have posted this earlier! I literally just left boca (I'm on jet blue's fly-fi as I type this). I had my onewheel down there for the winter, but it's getting shipped up to DC for the summer. (I split time between the two). Bummed you missed out... I would have let you try it... A lot of great places to ride down there... ive dubbed the overflow parking lot for red reef park and fishing area off the intracoastal a "onewheel park."

  • @cibi89 Not around much in the coming weeks, so if you don't want to wait, these folks have OW Just reach out to confirm they have stock. A months ago I was able to ride around inside the store. Maybe even more options here -

  • There are a few retailers in the area that have them. I bought mine today at RON Jon surf shop at sawgrass, they have a demo you can ride in store, and they honor a 10% coupon you can print online!

  • also, yes, I'm up for ride/ meet up. i was going to organize a S FL Riders club on I'm in coconut creek, also, so when you get yours, close to Boca for riding!

  • Miami One Wheels Unite!
    South Point Park is a great place for a Meet Up.

  • Email me to link up

    I ride all around wynwood / downtown and looking to link up around the beach.

  • Naw... but, it has been warmer... and I have noticed my food glowing a bit green....

  • but anyway strange... hope the article is not correct!

  • Since you guys are talking about riding One Wheels in Miami, do you guys ride in the rain? Is it waterproof? I would love one to commute to and from work (2 miles) but with all the rain we get here I'm afraid I'll only use it a few times a year...

  • im just getting into the ow. I live in kendall, but am down for a meetup, let me know if there is still interest. I was also thinking critical mass may be a good ow ride.

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