Selling my Onewheel with fender and supercharger (based in Lisbon, Portugal)

  • Anyone interested? It is in great conditions and works perfectly plus still have the box. I travel a lot for work and don't have enough time for it.
    Had it since November so 7 more months of warrantee. Must have used it about 20 times.
    Asking price 1550Euros.
    Getting it from the US cost almost 1900€

  • @Lisbon I'm interested, sent you a chat message / Johan

  • Hey

    I am interested. It is a lot of money let me think about it.
    But just that you know there is interest.
    lets keep contact. I live in the Netherlands so also in EU.


  • still available?....i am interrested...
    best regards nic

  • Did they once sell a non-Super Charger?

  • @Lisbon

    Do you still have onewheel?

  • @dcosmos Nope. A standard charger was initially offered to KS backers but they upgraded everyone and its still the only charger out there.

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