Elevated Mode is best used for?

  • I've seen a lot of chat on classic & extreme mode. So what/when is elevated mode best used for? Only going up hill?

  • Hills and skate parks.. But I still stick with extreme mode..

  • @njcustom ok cool thanks, more than likely will be what I end up on after a lil classic practice.

  • @LA-Dreads said:

    @njcustom ok cool thanks, more than likely will be what I end up on after a lil classic practice.

    I recommend just going to extreme and try elevated when you get it down. More people wreck with classic mode, due to the really heavy push back at 10mph. You lose control of board and have to get it back by balance.

    i use elevated anytime I don't want my nose to touch.

    ••secret•• I believe elevated is the secret to an Ollie.

  • @LA-Dreads My advice to everyone is to go straight to Extreme and forget Classic even exists. Don't be afraid of the name, it's just a label. People are actually getting hurt by trying to learn in Classic mode because the pushback comes at such a low speed.

    The problem is pushback actually speeds up the OW in an attempt to get the wheel ahead of you, and this can be very scary and dangerous for new riders.

  • @LA-Dreads said:

    @njcustom ok cool thanks, more than likely will be what I end up on after a lil classic practice.

    I highly suggest learning on extreme mode.. Pushback in classic mode is terrible

  • So I come from a boardsport that has the board in a more "leaned back" position most of the time (kiteboarding) and it honestly felt more natural for me to be in Elevated Mode.

    Keeping mind I have all of 48 hours of time with my OW so far, but Elevated Mode has been my preferred setting.

  • @dontfeedthenerd : exactly the same for me. as a kiteboarder I prefer elevated. it also gives be more confidence in the offroard riding, to have more distance between the nose and the ground.

  • On my way to pick it up from UPS. EXTREME it is then haha! Thx u everyone for input. I'll have some vids up by the weekend.

  • @njcustom

    for me extreme mode is easier

  • @eric me too

  • I've been riding in Extreme for the 3weeks I've had my board. I just tried out Elevated today and got to say I think I prefer it. Kind of feels like it responds better, and I'm seeing a big difference when riding on the terrible sidewalks in my town with 1-2" elevation differences from trees pushing up the blocks.

  • Seems to be personal preference. 2 days in on loving extreme. I'll ride it for about a week and try elevated to see the difference.

  • i was just wondering: does elevated have a speed pushback ?

  • @chabis Yes, it throws you off the back when you're going too fast. Just kidding... I actually have no idea.

  • @chabis: yes

  • @cr4p thanks ! do you know at what speed ? couldn't find that anywhere..

  • no sorry, i have no idea since i have never measured the speed...but anyhow the pushback happens often to me

  • what a shame.. tried elevated yesterday for the first time and realised it's waaaaaaaay easier to do incredibly sharp turns because of the elevated nose of the board. love it for "parcour" stuff.. but the speedlimit (pushback) kinda kills the fun when doing crazy stuff.

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