• Open up the Champagne because the Future (Motion) is here :D

    Please tell us about your experiences and views with the app! Likes Dislikes etc.

  • I installed the app on my phone but it will not recognize my onewheel. I used my iPad and it finds it no problem. Suggestions?

  • @Aswellie You could try clearing your Bluetooth settings from the Settings>Apps menu. And rebooting, of course couldn't hurt. What kind of phone do you have?

  • @bmtka Motorola Moto X 1st Gen running android 5.1. I will try clearing my bluetooth setting and see if that helps. Thanks.

  • Love it!

  • Wow.. Finally.. To bad it's has the same function as the iOS app. Was wishing for a battery alert option..

  • I could not be happier!!

  • @Aswellie I've had luck with that method when having problems with Bluetooth audio devices that stopped pairing. Just a shot in the dark. You might send a message to support with your hardware specs and Android version which might help their developer.

  • Works like a charm. No longer need to lug the iPad around with me.

  • Aargh, will only be able to try around this time tomorrow :weary:

  • Any help on pairing android phone? I have been using with my iPhone but my son can't connect his android phone with the app?

  • Make sure your Iphone isn't connected to the OW while your son is trying to connect with the android

  • @dcosmos got it sorted. Kids!! His phoned needed an update. He never does it..

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