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  • I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks and want to take my OW. I've read all the posts about this, some people just carry it on in a bag, others check it. Some people say it's a skateboard and don't mention the electronics. Some people suggest to argue the battery composition. Some say to say it's a balance board. What do you guys think would work best?
    Sorry I didn't give credit to the posts/people where I stole these ideas. I don't have the energy to do it.

  • @OneWheelNoob I would start with checking it (bagged up), and it they ask what it is, say it's your skateboard and pads, and if they realize it's battery powered, then go into the makeup of the battery and the fact that lithium iron phosphate batteries are completely different than the lithium ion batteries in hoverboards. Lithium iron phosphate is non-toxic, and it doesn't explode. Then grab it and run!!

  • Haha, I'm in class and the last part made me bust out laughing. That's a good idea, thanks.

  • and don't forget to tell us how it worked!

  • @OneDream said:

    and don't forget to tell us how it worked!

    Definitely. I have 4 flights on 2 different airlines so I'll post all results.

  • @OneWheelNoob Hey buddy just read your post, not sure if you've seen any of my previous posts but I've had a bag designed and produced exactly for transporting the OW on a plane. I have 2 left if you fancy getting your hands on one then let me know. Here's a few pics:



  • @Jimmers75 how much are you asking for them?

  • great, you have a bag - now convince the airlines you let it on..

  • @Jimmers75 That is a cool bag, can I buy one from you?

  • I recently took mine on Southwest and Virgin from Chicago to San Fran then back. I had a camera with me (I am a photographer by trade) and claimed it was an endless dolly track. Got through both times.

  • @KeithVlk Did you know that you can make your own media badge and get a discount on luggage rates? I just found this out yesterday during a commercial shoot at the school where I work. You can also check up to seven bags! Just make a media pass with the words Media Pass written really big and show it to them at baggage check in.

  • @tomtnt I've had no problems flying in Europe with my OW in the bag. I check it in as hold luggage and it's as simple as that. The other thing to consider about this bag is that it acts as a protective case when you travel with a OW in your car/RV. I had problems traveling with it in both as it would roll about knocking into stuff, in the bag it's secure.

  • @Jimmers75 great travel bag. Are you still selling one?

  • @jeff8v7 Hi there yes I still have one for sell. If you're interested in it drop me an e mail at Thanks

  • I flew with my onewheel to Austin Texas to do some cable riding at this wakeboard cable park called BSR in Waco, TX....I boarded around Austin a bit and the cable park as well. Had no trouble flying with it in the overhead bins above both there and back.

  • @Wakeboarder54 what airline was this? Did they even question you? Glad to hear you were able to travel with it.

  • @Wakeboarder54 What airline did you fly? Did you have any issues with TSA? Good to know that it fits in the over head on larger planes. Likely will not fit on the Regional jets.

  • @LidPhones @GlueBreath The airlines was Delta I believe but most of the time I try and fly Southwest, Alaska, or Frontier. No issues with TSA at all. Just put in on the X-ray scanner and they scanned it just like shoes or a laptop or backpack....

    No problems at all.....wanted to ride it threw the airports bad!!! But didnt want security to chase me down!! I still want a bag though that @Jimmers75 makes!! Those look awesome and be great for a long trip to Florida or Mexico where I wouldn't want it in an overhead compartment or may not have room for it.

  • @Wakeboarder54 thanks for the info! I have a trip coming up in 2 days on Southwest from Chicago to San Diego but I'm too chicken shit to take a chance and not be allowed to board considering I'm taking a cab to the airport.. I don't know you got me wanting to try LOL.. Would love to be able to take my OW to ride around San Diego and San Fran. During my trip.

  • @GlueBreath Do it!! There is no problem once so ever! The guys at onewheel told me to do it, I asked them originally and if they have any questions just show them that there is a battery installed in bottom of deck. And was told prior by many people that it counts as a carry on and can store in the above storage. One the way back from Texas the upper storage was too full so I just tucked it by my seat underneath and had a window seat so they couldnt tell or see it...

  • @Wakeboarder54 you know what screw it I'm gonna go for it!!! I would rather not be 2 weeks without it haha.. plus the prospect of new grounds to ride is too tempting to pass up.. flat lands with fucked up sidewalks/streets is getting a bit boring in my Lil town.

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