Looking for sponsorship for trip from Santa Cruz to New York City on a OW 😃

  • FM, are you down? That's about 3000 miles and 500 battery cycles. I'll need a pimped out Sprinter and plenty of M&Ms. I would really do it if all logistical matters could be worked out.

  • Love this idea I would also onewheel America with you. It could be like Forrest Gump we could just keep going until you decided to stop. Lmfao. My beard hair would possibly dread into my chest hair during the journey but asymmetrically because of onewheel stance! Actually I think you would end up riding switch 1/2 the time to compensate posture.

  • @ashewheeler The idea is growing. We could form a brigade of country crossers at all costs. Gradually, the numbers would dwindle until only the most committed would remain. We could tether the battery depleted and be the motliest of crews.

  • You'd need at least 2 OWs as that's about 300 charges to get across...would need to continually cycle and charge to allow you to go at a decent pace.

  • This idea would be so awesome to make a video about!

  • Digging this idea! And I agree with @simenlier that this would make a great video... or even a feature-length doc!

  • Whoa. Don't feel like doing math. How long would this take?

  • @dcosmos I like the Idea. Good luck and yes @simenlier if it happens Film it all.

  • @TonyGDTLA said:

    Whoa. Don't feel like doing math. How long would this take?

    My math is shit but I tried to figure it out. I came up with a month and a half. That's riding every day for 9.5 hours, averaging 11mph. That's assuming you're stopping every 6 miles to recharge.

    If you had someone following along in a van, recharging extra OneWheels and handing them off as they went dead, I guess it would be closer to a month and a week?

  • Should be a unity tour: ONEwheel:ONEpeople

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