Splashy splashy

  • During the brief respite from the San Mateo rain, I ran out grab some lunch and had my first experience splashing through puddles. I was cackling as I trounced through the big puddles where the sidewalk met the crosswalk.

    Then I got home, changed into dry pants and ordered a fender.

  • I hope it was one of the sweet carbon fiber ones from njcustom!

  • My first run in with rain without a fender:


  • @w1ngy looks exactly like my first go at it xD

  • @akraut got an oem fender if you want no wait time

  • That is the exact thing I did. I went for some food, was soaked before I got there. I rode home thinking "I need a freakin' fender" and hit up njcustom when I got there. Now the waiting, and the riding with waterproof pants that cover my waterproof shoes...

  • @dirtyjersey I placed the order with @future-motion that day.

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