• Hello all! I think this would be a great place for local OW riders to post their favorite places to ride. And get a better perspective of how many other Dudes & Dudets are in the area. Ever since I ordered October 6th-it's all been a blurr :)

    My Favorite Spots:

    +92nd Street Park-Mukilteo, WA

    +St. Edward's State Park-Kenmore/Kirk WA (Tons of dirt trails that lead to Lake WA)

    +Magnuson Park-Seattle, WA

  • @erikbsteele I just moved here in Feb from the Middle East and I haven't seen anyone riding one around Seattle but myself. I live on First Hill and ride my OneWheell to work a couple times a week from First Hill to Downtown. I was pleasantly surprised that the OneWheel was able to handle the hills. I'm glad that the Android app finally came out so I can track my battery usage now because I had it die on me one day coming back from U District and it was a long walk lol. As for where I ride, I mainly just use it to get around where I normally go:

    First Hill
    Cap Hill
    U District

  • I just got one. Let me know if you guys ever want to ride! Havent gone downtown yet. Except the waterfront trails and a few parks!


    Only had it a few weeks. Itd be super cool to ride around with some people from Seattle.

  • Just got mine today. I'm out in Sammamish.

  • Hi! looks like I'm a little late to this thread but I'm a boarder in Kenmore and I can say I highly approve of St. Edwards State park!

  • I've got a + coming in the next shipment probably. Out in North Bend, but I go into the city regularly anyway.

  • @BuddyBudnick Nice! A dad and his kid asked me if I was balancing all the way down without a motor?? Man were they surprised. Also, I grew up in Kenmore! Go Colts!

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