Plug for charging port

  • Does anyone make/sell plugs for the charging port?

  • @OnewheelNoob Just search for "xlr dummy plug". They are sold on ebay and various other stores. I'm guessing most people here have bought theirs on ebay.

    I always forget to bring my plug, and even though I ride in all kinds of crappy weather, I never had a problem with getting dirt or moisture in the charging port.

    edit MALE xlr dummy plug.

  • @OneWheelNoob This place sells them cheap and no shipping (I bought a bunch in case I lose one or to hand out at meet-ups):

  • @thegreck Bought three of those that showed up the day my board did. Already lost two of them. I wish the little pinch handle didn't protrude so much. It's not a lot or anything, but enough that I've managed to get two of them scraped out if there while riding. Oh well, they're super cheap and ship fast.

  • @bmtka I haven't had that problem yet... but if it's solid, maybe you can just cut the handle down with a pair of scissors?

  • @thegreck It's way hollow. I might order up some fresh Sugru and see if I can't make something better myself. Or I might order a half dozen more of those plugs because they're cheap and I don't need one in all the time. I'll wait until I lose the two I have left (@njcustom sent me one with my beautiful new fender, thanks again) before I buy more. They ship super fast.

  • I give them away with every fender purchase :)

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