Onewheel going through TSA

  • Alot of you might be asking if you can take your onewheel in the plane. I traveled with United Airlines from San Antonio to Los Angeles and tried taking my onewheel as carry on. After several inspections and me explaining them that the type of battery is different. TSA told me that it was okay for me to take it, but they told me they needed the airline aproval. An agent called the hazmat team and gave all the battery specifications with no luck for me they said no, so I had to leave it home. If anyone has been able to travel with it leave your experiences in the comments.

  • That really sucks. Damn hoverboards!

  • @onewheelrider AAARGH! Something has to be done about this fucking battery ignorance! If even a hazmat team doesn't get it, we're fucked.

  • So sad! The Hover boards are already going out of style and the rules will stand forever... So bummed!

  • So I just flew from west palm beach to marsh harbor in the Bahamas on Bahamas air. Wrapped up the one wheel in some newspaper and a towel and packed it in a suitcase. To my surprise it actually made it. When I got to my house I opened it up and there was one of those TSA inspection papers inside. Prior to my trip I emailed one wheel and they said checking it was probably my best shot but ultimately it was up to the airlines to allow it on or not. Just thought I'd share. Cheers everyone

  • @billybones Man, it seems like such a crap shoot, I'd be scared to even try, because what do you do if they say no?

  • @onewheelrider 0_1457657621738_Screenshot_20160310-124914.png

    This is what Hawaiian Airlines says. :(

  • I am guess there is always checking it as baggage.

  • @liferomp Would that work? I think they are banned from that also.

  • I would tell them its dolly for film work and write dolly on the outside of the bag. When they ask tell them it fillm equipment.

  • I just tried to take it on allegiant air, and they denied it

  • @thegreck i have my hazmat cert as part of my Fire Fighting cert. We do not cover battery technology that in depth, at least in basic hazmat.
    Someone needs to address this with DHS or the airline's

  • TSA or the airlines denied it ? Did you try to put it though as bagage ? My guess is just put it though as a secound bag as it is under 50 pounds and if they ask then tell them it is film equment

  • @liferomp I tried checking it, and told them it was filming equipment. No go. They made me leave it.

  • i know its a hassle, but why not open it up and remove the battery and then theres no chance of accidentally turning on or whatever their issue is.

  • @awakekiwi voids the warranty

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