How long ...

  • Hey , I wanted to ask if you know how long it takes to get the OneWheel out of OWs stock :) Thank you

  • @vafreak Depending on how close you live to California, some people are getting their OneWheels within a few days, so they must ship immediately after you order.

  • I am from Germany :)

  • To Germany it will take around 2-3 weeks

  • @Polle are you from Germany too ?

  • @vafreak No, i'm from Belgium

  • I can have you one next day.

    I'm with Texas Onewheel, I do tours all over Texas for people to try the board out. Follow my IG, Twitter, & Facebook to know where I am! @texasonewheel We are an authorized dealer for Onewheel.

  • I live in LA, how fast would i get my onewheel? out of curiosity.

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