Change Shaping Without App Tutorial

  • Since it's a question that keeps coming up; Here's a short tutorial I made on switching Shaping without using the app:

  • Sweet, I always knew about this functionality but never did it and wasn't sure exactly how to do it or how many blinks represents each mode. Thanks!

  • Thanks. I always wonder about the mystery setting that they tell you not to use. That's almost like telling a kid, "Don't put things up you nose," because the next day, the kid is gonna have something up his/her nost. Anyone tried it yet? (Not sticking stuff up your nose)

  • @hekkubus how would you activate said mystery setting? lol

  • @w1ngy I don't know. Supposedly it's a test setting. From what I remember reading, you have to use the button like he does in the video. I've seen posts on here about it, but I wouldn't dare try it. Anyone else know?

  • I heard a rumor about another mode too but I dont think they would have actually put it in the live firmware. That would be amateur hour.

  • I'm pretty sure I remember that there was an extra mode you could get to a while back that FM said wasn't safe but that firmware is probably long gone for almost everyone.

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