• So i ordered bumpers thinking this was an add on device. I thought this protects the front and rear of the board. I guess i was wrong on this, and they are to replace the existing bumpers when they get scratched?

  • @skideeppow Yeah, those bumpers will get scuffed up. I have a set waiting for another month or so when I'm a better rider.

  • @skideeppow ive got a way to solve this issue.. I will post a pic tomorrow

  • Here is my solution. My bumpers are beat up but these little washers have stopped it from further damage.. Just haven't replaced the bumpers yet.. the washers leave just enough ground clearance..0_1458409752227_IMG_20160319_134704.jpg

  • @njcustom Clever you. Bet it makes a godawful sound on the pavement, though. Do you plan to replace them before the screw head gets chewed up completely or just ride them into the ground and drive in more next to the stumps? I'm hoping not to have to replace my bumpers until it's time to send in for new rubber, but I don't think they'll last that long and $45 plus shipping for a couple chunks of injection-molded plastic just seems like a money-grab.

    I don't recall ever seeing anodized aluminum washers like that at the hardware store. Where'd you get em?

  • Let us know where you got those washers please.

  • @bmtka yes they make noise if you slide on them....but I don't so I never hear anything.. Most of the damage on them is from friends riding .. So they should last for a long time if only I'm riding..

  • @skideeppow I made them.. However if you look around online you will see many types of these washers..

  • @njcustom said:

    @skideeppow I made them..

    HA HA ... you make everything. Great Idea.

  • @njcustom Of course you did :grinning:

  • @Dude I started out with carbon washers and they quickly wore out from friends.. Then i tried nylon plastic... Still wore out.. So metal it was lol

  • @njcustom Yes I'm sure Future Motion tried different products as well. I was thing about this also. I was thinking about a steel bumper guard type device and might produce a prototype. We will see what the future holds.

  • @njcustom any chance you can throw a couple in when u mail my fender?

  • @skideeppow sure..I can send screws too but you will need to get nuts.. I don't have any..

  • @njcustom [Insert joke referencing previous statement] So you got those nutted from the backside? [hilarious innuendo] From the pic you posted it looks like you wood screw those direct [LOLOLOLOL]. I need to go to bed.

    But seriously, that answers my previous question about replacement after the screw heads get chewed up.

  • @bmtka hahahahahahaaa. . they are nutted from behind.. Same screws my fenders come with.. M5

  • This just got Really Funny I was laughing so hard i some how spit on my computer screen. LMFAO Nuts never get old.

  • Same solution, thanks Jon @njcustom
    I jammed my nuts in the Bumper, it was a tight fit, so they don't twist while screwing, felt nice.
    (The nut pictured was used as a guide for drilling, I'm not putting my actual nuts on the internet, sorry)

  • Just a quick update,
    This is a highly recommended mod for learning.
    Saves the bumper from learner damage and sparks like a MoFo if you have a high speed off!
    just be careful if you ride on tiles, like the Mall or the foyer of your office.

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