Board won't charge :(

  • Got back from a ride from the beach (ports taped over) and I the battery ran out about a block from the beach, when I got back I went to turn off the power and the button got stuck pressed down. I got the button unstuck with an air compressor but now when I plug in the charger the charger light just stays green, and when I turn on the board unplugged it blinks twice real quick and then a third blink. HELP!

  • You try turning it on after plugging it in? Mine won't charge unless it's powered on for some reason. Been like that since I got it.

  • Yea, tried all kinds of start up scenarios...

  • try holding the button down for a few seconds, while the board is already onnected to the super charger...

  • @ancientcity I guess this is a not too uncommon problem at all for OWs after beach rides. I wonder if it's the sand or the salt water that causes it, but you'll probably have to contact support. I believe other's have had to send their boards in after encountering this same problem. Sorry. Hope your weather is shit while you wait for it to be returned.

  • Almost positive I have to send it off... It's 78 and sunny... Time to buy multiple boards!

  • @ancientcity this has happened to my board from straight out of the box. Never had it powered up at all
    .. Won't charge. Any info would be grateful

  • This happened to mine after the beach ride for a couple of days riding and rinsing it off. Turns out I blew my battery pack. It was 6 months old and they will not cover its repairs. only the shipping was covered. Turns out there vides of people playing on the beach is probably biting them in the ass.

  • @thehoff you ever get this worked out?

  • @kelp yes. 48 hour charge sorted it. I leave on overnight charges once a week to keep the cells balanced.

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