Tip to quiet your fender

  • Anyone who has a fender knows they are a bit noisy from grit and pebbles .. I coated the underside with a thin layer of silicone glue from home depot.. I made the layer mostly 1/8 inch thick.. Been testing for a few days and I'm extremely happy.. It's like the fender is not even there..

  • @njcustom: thanks - i´ll give it a try!
    can you post a picture of the product you used? is it a spray or a tube?

  • @cr4p here ya go


  • Will you be doing this as an "add on" to any of the fenders you sell?

  • @njcustom I was thinking, Cool, I already have a tube of that stuff! But I checked it and the entire thing is dried up. Oh well, I'm always headed to HD for something anyway.

  • @Dude sure not a problem

  • @njcustom Awesome. Let me know if you can put it on my fender before you ship it out.

  • Doesn't seep through the carbon fiber weave?? I was thinking about undercoating was nervous though

  • @dirtyjersey you're good to go.. I suggest black but i used clear..

  • Why not use Plasti Dip? Easy to use - spray it on - and is quite durable. I'd think 3-4 coats would provide the sound dampening you're looking for. You can buy it for <$10 at most home improvement stores.

  • @markmosi I tried it.. Doesn't spray on thick enough and it rubs right off when dry.. Silicone glue is some serious stuff and it applies in seconds .. It does stink a little but nothing like spray..

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