Grip tape is toast

  • Anyone else have the issue of their grip tape being completely shot after a few weeks of hard riding?
    I've had my OW for about 3 weeks now and there is barely any grip left.
    Can I just cut a new sheet and throw it on there or will that screw up the sensor?

  • @jeffmccosker use a heat gun preferably and peal the old tape. On the sensor side you will notice a rectangular 3M paper backer on the backside of the removed grip tape. It's purpose is to prevent any adhesive from sticking to the sensor so it will function properly. You need to recreate the same rectangular piece on the backside of your new griptape. I used the backer from my new grip tape to cut a new rectangle. I flipped it so the backer side was down against the sensor and the adhesive would actually stick to it once installed. So far mine has worked perfectly without any sensor weirdness. Seems like it works better maybe even. Good luck but you won't need any it's super easy. Only thing is make sure you are only peeling the grip tape and not the sensor or the adjacent shims.

  • @ashewheeler Thanks for the reply, this seems pretty easy. I was going to just tackle it sight unseen, but I didn't want to accidentally screw it up then have to pay $50 and wait forever for new footpads. You think a blow dryer would work? I don't have a heat gun.

  • Update: blow dryer worked great. Took your advice and used the grip tape paper to cover the sensor. Just took it about 2 miles to get a sandwich and it works awesome!

  • @jeffmccosker Cool. I've been wanting to replace mine with this stuff since I got it, since the OW's grip tape isn't very grippy even when it's new: ​

  • yeah that grip looks intense! I just used some stock Jessup tape. The nice thing is you only need about a 8"x8" square so a full sheet of grip tape cut for a skate deck will give you 4 pieces.

  • @jeffmccosker Does anyone have step by step instructions and pictures on how to do this? My griptape is shot. I ride alot of hills and do big carves and its the tape that is the problem with my feet slipping off. Not my ability to rage. Any help would be appreciated as I think I need to go this route.

  • Sometimes your shoes are the one not gripping the tape , I personally use some Adidas Samoa and I tell you damn shoes grip, I've had my board for about three weeks maybe four and I've taken my Wheel through sand, mud, dirt, water and The grip is golden.


  • @atl1wheelin you really don't need step by step instructions or pictures it's extremely easy. Just put a blow dryer on the corner of the grip tape for 30 seconds or so then slowly peel it away. Once you have the tape off just apply the new tape. On the front sensor, cut a strip o paper from the grip tape backing and put it over the sensor then apply the tape as normal. Cut off any excess and you're done.

    Also buy a pair of Vans. Any skate shoe with a thin vulcanized sole is going to work best.

  • @jeffmccosker Thanks bro! Gonna try it when I get some grip tape. What grip tape did you buy?

  • @atl1wheelin Jessup.

  • @atl1wheelin And I posted this already in the thread, but if you want to go hardcore with the grippage, you can get this stuff:

  • To the guys who have regripped the front.. have yall had your boards for over a year? FM told me tampering w the front pad voids the warranty.

  • @kbman said in Grip tape is toast:

    To the guys who have regripped the front.. have yall had your boards for over a year? FM told me tampering w the front pad voids the warranty.

    The warranty of the foot pad? Or the warranty of the board? Because the foot pads are sold separately.

  • can someone post pix of finished product.

  • Yea i thought about that soon as i hit post. Dumb. I guess just the pad obvi.

  • @kbman You could be right, though... because if you screw up the sensors in the foot pad, that could cause you to wreck the board, and I guess FM doesn't want to take responsibility for that. It's something to think about for sure!

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