San Diego Riders?

  • Any San Diego riders? I'm in UTC but would love to meet up.

  • @megabuen0 I will be in San Diego for the entire first week of August. I'd love to meet up

  • Nice, we should! I love riding in Coronado with the scenic beach view and La Jolla sometimes. If you want to go off road, might have to head east to some trails. I haven't done Balboa Park but they are pretty strict there with skateboarders. Mission Bay is pretty nice...

  • Replying to a super old topic, I know. I am in san diego and would love go riding sometime. I ride most often at balboa park, usually because I'm working nearby. I have never been told off.

    There are loads of good places around here.

  • @miketech

    +1 for Balboa Park. The airport to seaport village ride is nice too; and stop in at Starbucks to charge ;).

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