San Diego Riders?

  • Any San Diego riders? I'm in UTC but would love to meet up.

  • @megabuen0 I will be in San Diego for the entire first week of August. I'd love to meet up

  • Nice, we should! I love riding in Coronado with the scenic beach view and La Jolla sometimes. If you want to go off road, might have to head east to some trails. I haven't done Balboa Park but they are pretty strict there with skateboarders. Mission Bay is pretty nice...

  • Replying to a super old topic, I know. I am in san diego and would love go riding sometime. I ride most often at balboa park, usually because I'm working nearby. I have never been told off.

    There are loads of good places around here.

  • @miketech

    +1 for Balboa Park. The airport to seaport village ride is nice too; and stop in at Starbucks to charge ;).

  • @megabuen0

    I live in Pacific Beach and actually work in UTC near the mall. It'd be nice to ride with others. I just got a plus recently. Let me know if you're still looking for some peeps to ride with.

  • I live up in San Marcos. Typically ride on trails/street in my community, San Elijo Hills. If any of you are up in North County looking to shred let me know. Been riding since this past Christmas and absolutely love this thing.

  • I'm in San Diego, ride down town a lot. Currently living at Chula Vista marina. Would love to join some fellow riders in SD.

  • Hey not sure if you noticed but in the app in the top right corner on the my board screne is some people you press that and you see boards within a certain range of you and you can send them messages, not sure if this will help you but seems pretty cool and you might want to check it out and get some riders together.

  • You poor San Diego guys. Hard to find good weather to ride in.

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