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  • Not currently an owner, but considering it. Was wondering: do you guys ever leave your OW outside (say, when dropping by a coffeshop), and if so, how do you guarantee that it will be there when you return? Can you lock the OW to a bike rack, maybe with a u-lock through the middle of the chassis? Thanks.

  • Id imagine if you get a lock, you could put it through the frame of the Onewheel and be safe that way for small time intervals. Personally though I don't leave my Onewheel sit anywhere unless I can see it. Its just something that will disappear quickly if the right person sees it and wants it bad enough.

  • I don't leave this thing anywhere far enough away from me that if someone tried to pick it up, I couldn't run after them and tackle them Waterboy-style.

    But then again, I have trust issues.

  • I too echo what everyone else is saying. Do not leave it far from reach. I live in a safe area but you never know. I am backing a project in indiegogo called iTraq and I plan on attaching it underneath one of the footpad (in case it ever gets stolen).

  • Thanks for the responses. For those who own a OW: if I were to attach a u-lock through the middle of the OW frame and around a bike rack, is there any way (short of cutting through the lock or OW) for a thief to steal it?

    I'm also planning to put a tracking device on my OW (if I get one). I already have all by possessions outfitted with Trackr Bravos. I'm really wanting to bring a OW to college w/ me, but I'm sure I won't be able to bring it indoors every time.

  • I haven't got in a situation where i'd lock it up and leave it yet, but if I did, I looked into one of these for the frame: http://www.amazon.com/Kryptonite-Standard-Bicycle-Transit-FlexFrame/dp/B005YPK9SY/ref=sr_1_6?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1437768456&sr=1-6
    Though I'm also a paranoid person and know any of these locks can be cracked so I'm only delaying it if I leave it too long,

  • Lock it up?!? I bring my board in, order my drink, look for a seat with an outlet, and charge up!!!
    I'm sure a chain through the frame is viable :)

  • Says the guy who onewheels on the edge of the Grand Canyon! ^ hahhaha

    I road to my neighborhood bar last night to meet friends. I just brought it in and stashed it under the table. Sure you get a look of "Wtf is that he's holding" but at this point of owning a onewheel, if you're not used to that, you must not be riding outside.

  • Thanks guys for your help! Now I'm really considering getting one. :D

  • There's a lot of us all over the country, look through the US Riders list and see if you see anyone near you.

  • It's a great conversation starter wherever you go, so you might as well just take it with you....it's also the perfect escape vehicle for when you need to bail out.

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    @forzabucks glad you noticed. We really designed it around begin the perfect post-apocolyptic escape vehicles. #LeaveZombiesInTheDust

  • I take mine in everywhere and anywhere. I usually ride it all the way in and sit with it. I am kind of like Ryan Gosling in Lars and the real girl. Only instead of a sex doll I have my OneWheel ;)

  • I have a few of these that I use when my OW is out of my sight. Like others, I generally try to bring it in with me most places. In the grocery store, it rides on the bottom shelf of the cart. In coffee shops and restaurants, it goes in for a charge.

    Only time I leave it alone and unlocked is when I'm surfing. I literally roll to the beach with my leash already attached to my ankle. I stop, step off the board, and walk into the water (people are like WTF????). There isn't any public parking near my beach access, so it's only locals. Plus I have eyes on my OW the whole time.

  • I would not be comfortable leaving my board unattended even locked up. Maybe once they become more common and you are not the only one. And especially since production time still takes a while. I'd be more likely to risk it if I'd be able to replace it in several days if stolen. The size is condusive for taking it just about anywhere. My only issue is lugging it around without wheels to pull and the filthy factor. Seems like most people keep their boards cleaner than mine though. Definately if there was a form fitting bag it could go anywhere without question.

  • I was considering getting one of these (since a high-tech OW deserves a high-tech lock as well). Do you guys think it might work? I would imagine just standing the OW up vertically next to a pole, and inserting the "u" through the chassis and around the pole would be secure. Maybe?

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that while you can loop a cable lock through the frame, a U-Lock works too! I just tested it out - here is a pic:


    Now I just have to work up the courage (and skill) to ride it out in the wild! Still working up to it...

  • I'm not leaving this thing out of sight! I also just keep it on the back of my car. You never know when you might see a cool spot to ride! I took it in to my work and the coffee shop. It's a great conversation piece!

  • I might work up the courage to leave mine locked up after they have more in stock....just in case.

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