Where my Dallas TX riders at?

  • Getting my board in a few days. I've already gotten decent at riding since a friend let me barrow his for a while. Looking for some people to go with me to bomb some parking garages or trails?

  • I was wondering the same? I know there are a few of us in Houston but how many in Dallas.

  • My friend lives in Dallas and has a board! I'll hit him up!

  • I know my friend who let me barrow his board but he isn't always available and I think it's fun to ride with more people. If I ever make it to Houston I'll keep you guys in mind

  • @ETphonehome said:

    I think it's fun to ride with more people.

    Yeah, riding alone is fun, but riding with other people shoots the enjoyability level through the roof.

  • Hit up @texasonewheel for awesomeness!

    Also, let you Texas friends know I finance Onewheels and am an authorized dealer!

  • Sweet I'll do that. Got a few friends who I know want a board. Let me know when you make it to Dallas

  • And if I come to Dallas I will send you a message before I come.

  • I ride Dallas... mostly, lurking in the Lower Greenville Ave. area... (near Blue Goose, Truck Yard, Dodies, Blind Butcher) Lots of good riding here with good stops along the way... Are there any Dallas Meet ups planned???

  • I have not seen anyone set up a Dallas meet up yet but when anyone is ready Join Werideonewheel and Post the Event to be added to the Calendar. Dallas is a City we are considering setting up a Competition in as well FYI
    (Competitions are still in the early planning stages at this moment)

  • @ETphonehome
    Hey got mine a month ago. Still healing from a bum shoulder due to nose dive but ready to ride in a couple of weeks. Live in the Argyle area. Let me know if there are any group rides planned in the area. Thanks

  • I will be OW-ing the Lower Greenville Ave this evening around 7:30...

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