Ordered OneWheel to Germany ...

  • Hey Guys I have ordered the OneWheel at 20th and UPS shipped it at 24th.... I am super excited about that but because it is Easter I can not get my Board from the packing station. ( was not home at24th:( ) Tuesady I will be riding for the first Time :)

  • Getting my board tomorrow!!! I feel you. The anticipation has been killing me

  • @ETphonehome Hahaha! Imagine being one of us who had to wait several months for our OneWheel to come!

  • You are going to Love it, I waited almost 3 months. It killed me, but now..... Its like Magic almost.

  • I'm pumped. A friend of mine had two and let me barrow one for a week. I didn't want to give it back and sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist so I could buy it sooner haha. It's addicting cause you are always scoping out everything you see and imagining what it would be like to ride there

  • @ETphonehome I know that feeling! I do that whenever my wife and I walk anywhere. Drives her nuts.

  • @thegreck Ha Ha ...me also. I love finding a new place to ride.

  • Finally got my board. Been riding it all day. So worth it. Living in the city it's actually an amazing form of transportation. When I get low on a charge I can easily pull into a gas station or Starbucks or virtually anyplace and recharge even if it's just a half charge for like 10min. I'll only have to buy gas every couple of weeks probably

  • Just ordered mines on the 25th hopefully ill get it soon. So far I haven't gotten an email that it has shipped. I live in LA

  • Rode it for the first 7 charges: AWESOME

  • Yep, I remember when i got mine, it was back to back riding.
    Now I take a break every couple hours and go for a spin.
    I'm tempted to leave a note at the door that says, "Gone surfing..."
    But that'll get my shop in trouble. I leave a note, "Back in 5 minutes.."
    When I 'm back and someone's waiting, I just say, sorry had to go to the Post Office...

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