Sensor Side of the board is too low

  • So I just got my OneWheel today and I was super excited to open it and test it out. Everything seemed to be functioning normally, however the sensor side of the board seemed really low when the board was supposed to be at a horizontal, balanced position. Over the course of messing with it for an hour, the board seemed to dip lower and lower. As of writing this post, it is low enough that the sensor side will scrape the ground whenever I mount the board or if I attempt to go forwards with any reasonable amount of speed.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or what might be wrong? I feel like I am standing on a staircase rather than on a skateboard. Attached is a short video of what my board looks like as I'm mounting it. I am stepping on the sensor side with my right foot in the clip.



  • @rsimplex I hate to say it but it sounds like you need to email support.

  • If u know how to open up each side; do so and check the connections to make sure it's secure. Maybe it's loose?

    I could be wrong but it is something you should investigate.

  • @Dude Did you watch the video? That behavior doesn't seem normal right? It looks almost like what I would imagine pushback mode is like... Just permanently on...

  • @rsimplex Yes I watched the video. It was almost like Elevated mode in an Extreme way, but if you say the angle keeps getting steeper than yes there is a Problem.

  • The only other thing you might try is to change the mode and see if that some how rehabilitates/recalibrates the OW some how. Switch to Elevated mode maybe. Just a Thought.

  • @Dude Yeah I tried switching it to elevated mode. Believe it or not, it was somehow at an even greater angle.

    I've contacted support, so hopefully I hear from them soon.

  • @rsimplex Best of Luck to you. I'm sure you will be riding soon.

  • @rsimplex It seems like the calibration of the sensors are quite wrong indeed (the ones sensing the level of the board, not the one you stand on obv.). That's just a layman's guess of course, but you can't really argue that it looks like the "level" position is shifted like in elevated (like @Dude said).
    The fact that switching to elevated makes it even worse, would suggest – in my mind at least – that the problem isn't in the shaping programming, but in the sensor calibration.
    Hopefully a re calibration could be done remotely, but I've never heard of anyone doing that, and I've gotten the impression of it being something that Future-motion wants to do themselves.

    Hopefully they'll get back to you soon and get you riding! Best of luck!

  • Banned

  • @poopmonkey How is this relevant in any way?

  • @rsimplex Sorry man, I have to agree with everyone else and this looks very wrong. You'll probably have to send it back, unless support has some way of resetting the electronics that they tell you about.

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