OneWheel Battery lifetime

  • Hey I wanted to ask you whether you know how to exactly read Battery Lifetime out of the On/Off Switch blinks. Thank you :)

  • To read it exact is impossible...
    The longer the light is on, the more battery it has.
    When blinking 50/50 - there is 50 percent battery left.

    Not so hard to figure out yourself ;-)

  • Thanks @Polle

  • @vafreak Don't quote me on this, but it seems to me like there is only 3-4 stages on the power button blinks.
    So I thinks it's more like, if it's 100%-75% or something, it blinks in one pattern, and then the next one. Or something like that.

  • I noticed the other day while at %20 the light was on for one second then off for two.
    @onewheel a handy thing would be if we could equate seconds to 10% increments.

  • My proposed equation there is only proven true for %20

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