When did you take through TSA?

  • I'm flying from SFO this weekend and I'm wondering if the rules have changed in the last four months. Or rather, if OW have a hard time getting through now.

  • I would say to ship it next day to wherever ur going day before the flight

  • Next day is pretty expensive. Maybe five days would be a better time line I think. Next day for me to where my folks live is in the 350 dollar range! Yikes!

  • @MichaelW Another good reason to have a backup OW! Five days without one? Yikes!

  • Has anyone tried taking it through security? I know they don't allow hover boards(the segway thingies)now. So would they allow this as a check in bag? Like where you give it to them so they put it in the bottome of the plane. And then you have together it from baggage claim. I plan on traveling with this over school breaks and this summer. It would be great if they are allowed on planes

  • @Sailingmuffin I think the issue is they're (mistakenly) afraid it's going to blow up, so until airlines are better educated on the Onewheel's battery, they're not going to want it exploding anywhere on the plane.

  • The issue is inconsistency. Some agents may let you check it in while others may not. You may get stuck at your destination city with no way to being it home and no time to have it shipped..

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