How to become a distributor in Germany?

  • Hi there,
    I was on vacation in the US and got to know the OW. I was a must have for me. I managed to bring one with me to Germany.
    People keep asking me where to get it.

    How can I become a OW distributor in Germany?
    I have already a business and would love to sell the OW as well -;)

  • @Chrilli Awesome! There definitely needs to be more Onewheel dealers all over the globe. You should shoot them an email at ... I don't know how often @Future-Motion reads the user forums these days.

  • How did you bring it back to Germany?
    I was just wondering because I am leaving to Germany in August and I want to bring my Onewheel with me.

  • @OneDream
    I put it in a big suitcase and checked it in. TSA checked the suitcase, but let me go on.
    Not sure if I was lucky....

  • I have checked and routinely received TSA love notes. Think it's reasonable to expect that they will want to take a look until they see enough to know what it is.

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