Help.! I can't upload a profile photo.?

  • I have trying for the pass 2 days to put a profile photo but it "loads" then it says
    Error 413 ... 🙄

  • @anj It's probably too large. The forum software can't downsize images. Try taking a screenshot of your photo on your phone and upload the screenshot.

  • Cool.
    I'll try it asap.

  • can oyu walk me thorough how to upload an image. I am flailing here. Do i hit the image key or the key with the arrow pointing up?
    I took screen shot of the pix and also downsized it as small as i can.

  • @skideeppow Neither. Those icons are for changing the background photo on your profile page.

    When you're on your page, click the circle with the 3 dots in it, then click Edit. Then under your current profile picture, on the left, click Change Picture.

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