What do you use to cover/plug the charging port (to shield from dirt/water/etc.)?

  • I'm thinking I'll use duct tape, but wondering if there's any better solutions...

  • You mean these 0_1460302568743_IMG_20160410_113546.jpg

    Ndm male dummy plug..

  • Yup thats what I use. @njcustom

  • Perfect! Thanks, guys. I'm having a hard time figuring out if they have them at Best Buy/Target/Frys. Are there different names or full names for these?

  • I guess @njcustom is suffering from
    OneWheelplugorexia: A very rare unhealthy need to buy more and more OneWheel plugs. One who suffers from this disorder also can't stand to see any naked charging ports.

  • Most of us buy them Here

  • @MichaelW hahahahahahaaa

  • i covered the sides and edges of mine with Guerilla tape right out of the box. just cut out the hole for the port and put a lil square over it and stick a lil corner w some dust/ carpet /dirt dander/ hair so u can peel it back easy. the tape is very re- stickable. i should mention it took off teency tiny specs of blue anodization when i ripped it away but it looks cooler if u ask my beauty beholding eye. ill post pics if u ask. maybewarming and/or wetting would keep from damaging the surface. i know 3m makes protective film. im on it...

  • I'm old school as well @kbman. I like a little carpet/dirt dander hair in and around my board port. Very sexy... lol

    By the way you may not have taken the paint off if you look closely. I find when I use Guerrilla tape (I've used it on all the boards I had and it has never taken paint off) sometimes when I pull it off it leaves residue and looks like some of the paint came off. Using the sticky side of the tape will take off the residue easily. Try that... See if that works.

  • @Dude Thanks! I ordered some.

  • Removing vinyl wrap has removed some of my anodizing too.. Which it really shouldn't do.. Kind of makes me a little mad too :/

  • Help! I went riding without covering the charging port today... big mistake! It's now completely clogged with the tears of thousands of pedestrians who were coveting my Onewheel, and I can't seem to get it unclogged no matter what I do! I think there might be a few dozen hoverboard and Segway owner's tears mixed in there, too... those actually seem to be the thickest!

    Compressed air doesn't even budge them! What can I do???

  • @Dude I did too they work great

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