Not Allowed On Trains

  • I just got stopped while trying to take the train from San Diego to LA. It was shocking because I really didn't think about the train being a problem whatsoever, but also because the conductor actually had a list of banned BRANDS, not just battery types. OneWheel, specifically is not allowed on Amtrak. They need to start getting the word out that they're different, ASAP.

  • Wow, that is ridiculous. We really need to start pushing this.

  • That sucks!! They need to ban lap tops if they are going to ban OneWheels. Same battery type... Such bu*lshit!!

  • Maybe they made their list based on battery size. So phones, laptops, etc. get a pass, but the OW gets automatically banned until someone convinces Amtrak that the battery is NOT dangerous. I'll contact them for more info.

  • Put it in a cheap duffle bag:satisfied:

  • @njcustom My thought exactly just keep it out of site

  • This is insane! This definitely needs to end. I commute to work by train every day and get to and from the stations on my Onewheel, so it would really blow if they start enforcing that bogus rule!

  • Plus, I live in LA and my wife and I were just talking about taking a day trip to San Diego to visit my brother's family on that same train you got rejected from... and I definitely planned to take my OW! I guess I'm gonna have to do the duffel bag trick. Such BS.

    Come on, @Future-Motion! Please get your lawyers on this ASAP and get the word out that Onewheel batteries DON'T BLOW UP!!

  • Oh man!!!! The ignorance is really getting to me.

  • Time to hire someone to take care of these types of situations. They should contact me, this is my area of expertise :)

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