Have to turn OW on and off once board flips over

  • My GF has a OW and every time she rides it and it flips on its side, she has to turn the OW off then back on. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Is there a way to do a hard reset? Or does it have to go back to OW for service.

  • @skideeppow That's weird... haven't heard of that one before. Yeah, I'd email support. Doesn't sound right.

  • Thanks, i emailed them.

  • If I ever turn mine on when its not sitting on the ground I have to turn it off then back on to get the sensor to work. The app will say "ERROR! Start in ready position" "Your Onewheel must be placed on the ground when you press the power button" I wonder if when she flips it that's what causes the problem.

  • @WyvernKing @skideeppow We all have to turn it on when it's on the ground, that's how the sensors figure out what level is. But once it's on, there shouldn't be a problem if it flips over.

  • I've found after crashing the OW will not engage right away when I step on. Once I set it back down on level ground, if I rock the front down by hand and let it rock back before getting on that seems to correct the problem. I do not restart the OW.

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