Phantom 4?

  • Has anyone seen the dji phantom 4 yet?it's got the "follow me" feature and can fly up to 28 minutes.. After a few YouTube videos i was sold..

  • @njcustom Yes! It's basically the only drone available for purchase that has follow-me! (even though there are tons of Kickstarters promising one) I totally want one, too. Looks amazing.

  • @njcustom I super want one! What's up with the one you ordered through indiegogo?

  • @njcustom I fly the inspire one it can follow me as well . @thegreck it will follow the controller if we are causing down the sidewalk !!!

  • @ashewheeler that stupid little thing still hasn't come lol.. I kinda don't even want it anymore..

  • @mranderson I really wanted one just couldn't spend the doe.

  • Just ordered the phantom 4.. Does release for another week I think..

  • @njcustom how much $$$ please dude ?

  • @fabuz how much for the phantom 4? It's around 1300$ with one battery

  • @njcustom yes! Thank you! I'm waiting for my Lily drone which is 700$(both are not comparable) but I hesitate to cancel my order(it should be realease this summer)...I'm waiting for your feedback!

  • @fabuz I am waiting for the Lily as well but @njcustom please give us a review and some video once you get your Phantom dialed in as I would love to hear the pro's and con's.

    Just think - the ultimate selfie. Riding your OneWheel while controlling your drone and taking a picture of yourself!

  • @atl1wheelin

    Just think - the ultimate selfie. Riding your OneWheel while controlling your drone and taking a picture of yourself!

    A friend of mine already done that and for sure it's awesome !!!!!!

  • @mranderson You need to bring that thing to a meetup! When's the next one you can make it to? We're all going out tomorrow.

  • Check out I've got an extra for sale it's 1599. Shipped I also own phantom 4 and inspire. The Airdog is what you want to be able to film yourself. Pm me if your interested

  • I've got a Lily on order too, but looking at the videos has got me wondering if these things won't be able to follow you close enough or low enough to make really compelling videos. I never thought of that issue before and had just assumed they'd be buzzing 10' over your head or something like that. Hopefully this will get sorted out, as these airdog shots (as awesome as that technology is) aren't anywhere near close enough for what I was hoping for...

  • its 10 meters as a follow distance but shot in 4K you can crop quite nicely, Also you can run preset up lines before hand and allow yourself to become closer at points. Its all in the editing :) but as far a self piloted drone its "airleash" is way above and beyond what other drone/flying camera companies have available.

  • @adm521 do you have the airleash?

  • Finally got to take the phantom 4 out today.. It was absolutely everything and more then I expected!!! I literally Sat in my backyard and flew it about 2 miles away with no issues.. I didn't try the active track yet.. The quality is just incredible.. I highly suggest this bad boy!!


  • @njcustom Yes, I want it!

  • @thegreck took me forever to figure out how to upload videos.. I'm am terrible with computers.. It's one thing I'm not good at lol.. Anyways here is my first video!! I fly over some moving trains and a house that just burned down several days ago..

  • Here's ones of the active track following me on my Onewheel.. No pilot!!

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