Steepest hill ever climbed

  • Hello I wanted to ask what was the steepest hill you have ever climbed with OneWheel was it really 20% ? When came the Point OneWheel wasn't able to go forward because the hill was to steep? Thank you :+1: Videos would be awesome :D

  • In ten days i'm gone ride two days in Pyrénées only for downhill...and video :satisfied:
    I'll tell you :smirk:

  • Go to wall of stoke...looks @Carlos video when he goes up Lombard street.

  • I can't really say how steep the steepest was so far. I don't really have any way to measure it. So far, I haven't gone up anything it couldn't handle though. But I've never used the elevated mode either, which would probably help if we are trying to set a record.

  • never found a hill it wouldn't climb, Lumbard street is very very steep and it also climbs the steepest local hill called 5mile hill. elevated helps but never had to use it

  • @germx said:

    I can't really say how steep the steepest was so far. I don't really have any way to measure it.

    There's a few neat level apps out there to roughly measure slopes via the phone accelerometer. The ones that use the camera for alignment are pretty cool.

  • I've gone up and down all the steepest hills in Ojai, CA. The OneWheel handles it as if by magic.

  • I've been able to ride a 30% grade rather easily. I'm also 250lbs. It's unreal.

  • @SkateFirst.SamT "never found a hill it wouldn't climb" ?
    I guess I do not understand this statement.

    The OW definitely has a limit. A physical limit. I have had to carry mine up a hill once because it was more inclined than the angle from the bottom of the wheel to the bumper.
    Even short of that, steep inclines limit the control. The board can only lean into the available space in front of it. If much of that space is hill your speed is limited.

    Or maybe I am just misunderstanding this thread entirely..

  • As soon as the rains dry I'll show you gnarly hills I go up n down all the time

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