DIY $5 removable OW fender

  • It's not as pretty as the $85 fender from OW or super-sexy like the magnetic carbon fiber fender, but for less than $5, some of you will probably enjoy this DIY fender :-)


    Goal: Create a OW fender that I can take on/off easily and stick in my pack
    Why: I just LOVE that big tire, and I want to see it when I ride. Yet, I want a fender when it's wet (I have the $85 fender from OW).
    Price: $5 (for 2 fenders!)
    Time: About an hour
    Result: Super light weight fender, that I take on and off in seconds & easily stuff into my backpack.

    The key component here is a flexible piece of plastic big enough to be a OW fender (24x45cm, 9.5x18" or longer) and stiff enough to support itself without rubbing the tire. It turns out that a A3 clear book is the right strength & length - and comes in blue to boot. Just trim it to the width of the OW. I bought this at Seiyou (Japanese Walmart) for $5.


    Next, unscrew the fender screws a bit...

    You'll be cutting & folding the corner of the plastic to fit under this screw.

    Here's a side shot.

    It will look like this...

    You may need to fiddle with it to get the cut depth right, so the fender doesn't hit the tire. I bent the end which goes near the sensor pad to get the best angle.

    To install, slide into the end, insert plastic under the screws. I don't tighten the screws, because I want to be able to pull it right off, but you can tighten them if you like.

    Attach the other side... and you have a fender. Cut nice curves in the sides if you choose..

    Bonus - if you need a little case to slide your fender into when it's wet, the A3 clear book has 20 of them built in :-)

    Have fun in the water!!

  • Finally got a big rain storm to test my homemade OneWheel fender in. It was great!

    But I need a little more clearance - to avoid sounding like a broken Star Wars droid when debris gets caught under the fender :-)

    My test ride video is here... you can hear the road debris I mentioned...

  • Wow! Very smart design @jeff8v7! Bravo!!

  • Nice dude!!

  • Love it!!!

  • @jeff8v7 I'm on this. Great work

  • Fantastic!! This is just what I was looking for!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey does anyone have a good link of where I can buy a notebook like that online? A brief search did not turn anything up and Home Depot disappointed me this morning.

  • @stefanawad Might try Home Depot. They often have a good assortment of plastic sheets for other things. Doesn't really matter what you use - as long as it's pretty stiff. I lucked out in office supplies, but a hardware store would be my next stop.

    I've seen quiet a few of these homemade fenders in videos in the forum :-)

  • @jeff8v7

    Has anyone done this recently? Still work just as good as paid fender? Also, could someone post a link to the right kind if plastic?

  • I made mine with 1/32 polycarbonate sheet cut to 9.5" x about 18.25". Works great as a temporary, or backpackable solution: Another Temporary Fender DiY My area has a plastic supply store called TAP plastics. Can also be ordered online, but might not be economical with added cost of shipping. The piece cost $4 at the store here.

  • @zonk117 Just some leftover old slide board material as the flexible plastic. My buddy found some thin plastic at Lowe's and made a template but this could easily serve as a replacement. The material was near the for sale signs per my friend. 0_1484529689371_20170115_122717-816x612.jpg 0_1484529712607_20170115_132246-612x816.jpg

    @jeff8v7 thanks for the inspiration, man!

    @jeffmccosker, @jeff8v7 you Jeffs are the DIY masters!

  • I only just saw this post - been a bit out of the loop with the forum. This is fantastic though - thanks for sharing, @jeff8v7! We have A3 laminating pouches at work (I think), so I might try and use those, and laminate myself a Mattel hoverboard fender!

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