Next Top Priority Should Totally be..... Cup holders....

  • I mean come on... At least 2 right... Or 4. What did we do in cars without cup holders. I remember those days, it was hell. Now we should have cup holders in or on our 1 wheel. All kidding aside, there actually isn't a reason couldn't strap a water bottle to the side. It would have to undergo some stress in a wipeout. I ride in Florida and its freaking hot here, always. :) Thinking about this thing with a sombrero and cup holders made me laugh.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I could make you one no problem.. I made something for @BadWolf that could work.. I made a flat plate that mounts on the side of the wheel and was shaped with the tire.. A water bottle holder could easily mount on it

  • This is it0_1461076852553_IMG_20160317_121213.jpg

  • I can see it now. A water bottle on each side.

  • Ohh, that is pretty sweet looking. As I'm looking at it and thinking, the best solution may actually be low tec Velcro. As it will break away in case of roll without messing anything up....

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