Pairing One Wheel to iPhone

  • Can someone tell me how to get the One Wheel in the pairing mode. I keep holding down the power button but my phone cannot find the OneWheel. Could someone give me step by step instructions since they do not come with the board.

    Thank you!

  • @hdaniels make sure the bluetooth is on ,on your phone and you open the app !! and simply have the one wheel on .

  • @mranderson Bluetooth is on in my settings on my iphone. I open the Onewheel app. I press the scan button and nothing is found. Usually when you pair with a bluetooth device. Usually you push a button on the device so it is discoverable.

  • @hdaniels You shouldn't be holding down the Onewheel power button. You might just be turning it off when you do that. Just turn it on and it'll always be discoverable (something most Onewheel owners aren't super stoked about).

  • Make sure to have Bluetooth on the iPhone turned on first, be within a few feet of the board, push the power button on the board (don't hold it down) and be sure the ring is illuminating, open the OneWheel app on the iPhone and tap the app button for pairing or finding the board.

  • @T-CAT Thanks, I got it to work. Just turned off my phone and back on. Now it's pair with the board. Thank you!

  • Awesome! Enjoy the board. One of the best electronic purchases I've ever made. Ha-ha

  • It's the shiznit

  • I concur. The bomb dot com. I don't wanna sleep. Just ride.

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