How do you do that quick 180 spin???

  • pointers would be appreciated :)

  • Oh man please someone share!

    I want to learn tricks so badly, I've been trying myself but I just eat dirt. Also haven't found any youtube videos for them :/

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    Hey guys, 180's are super sexy and worth practicing! Here's the basics. It's easiest to practice 180's on a surface with little traction. We love polished concrete floors but if you don't have those to ride try dirt. It's easiest to do a 180 while riding 'switch' (opposite of your normal direction) and going away from the sense pad. That way when you rotate you are ending up riding regular with the sense pad in front. Twist your upper body, rotate the hips and take your pressure off the board (almost hops a little bit). The real secret is you have to commit!! Get it!

  • If you could post some videos explaining that, it would help the community. :)

  • @7racer @thesexybeastman @Gabra Sorry, this is a really old topic and maybe all of you already know how to do this by now, but I'm bumping it in case others are still interested, since the topic already existed but didn't really seem to go anywhere the last time.

    This is a move I'm really trying to learn right now, and it'll make it a lot easier to navigate around tight spots. I found a video of this person practicing the same thing and looks like a pretty good example of how to do it:

  • @thegreck said:

    Thanks I was just about to start to try this out. Good one to bump.

  • @Dude Taking me a while to get this one! It's a total mind game to flip around like this on a powered board.

  • @thegreck I have painted smooth concrete at my job so Im going to start practicing.

  • Just practice brah. Took me a while but I have done it!

  • @DVO I will get this!!

  • @thegreck I tried a few times today, didn't work out so well. LOL I just don't like going the opposite way. My dominant foot is my right and the board does every thing I want when I'm moving in that direction but not so much trying the other way. I just need more practice.

  • @Dude Yeah as much as that advice is never the magic bullet we're hoping for, practice will do it. I couldn't ride regular for more than a few feet a couple of weeks ago, but I've been practicing it like crazy, and it's finally starting to pay off, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable riding both ways now. The 180° will come, hopefully.

  • Love Mike T's revert lesson! If you watch close he de-weights the board with a slight hop as he spins with authority! De-weighting the board is a very important and versatile skill. Great for anticipating roots, rocks, and such.

  • Finally pulled off my first few reverts! Not the cleanest in the world... but I'm getting there. (Sorry for the crappy video quality... I'm riding in my backyard in the dark.)

  • @thegreck said:

    Nicely Done. I'm going to keep practicing.

  • great - any other tricks worth practising?

  • Going to give this a try. Thanks for the info.

  • Ride fakie well. I found it easier to start off fakie and turn front side.
    Then when I got that I would switch back and forth front side.
    I still have trouble back side going to fakie. Grass is your friend. You can take that any way you want.

  • I don't know about that, but I've been leaning/balancing on the edge of the wheel to get incredibly sharp instantaneous turns.

    So far I can go just over 90 degree turns but I'm trying to balance and get to 180.

    Tons of fun to do the quick sharp turns though. And with 2-3 quick turns I'm going the other way.

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